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Kebabangan (KBBC) Cluster

KBB Platform
First gas was achieved at Kebabangan in November 2014.

Kebabangan Cluster (KBBC) Kebabangan, Kamunsu East and Kamunsu East Upthrown Canyon Operator: Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company Co-venturers: PETRONAS (40.0%), ConocoPhillips (30.0%), Shell (30.0%)

The KBBC Cluster PSC was signed in 2007 for appraisal and development of the Kebabangan, Kamunsu East and Kamunsu East Upthrown Canyon gas and condensate fields. Development of the Kebabangan Field was sanctioned in early 2011, and first production was achieved in 2014. Production in 2018 was impacted by unplanned downtime related to the rupture of a third-party pipeline that carries gas production from the Kebabangan gas field to market. The Kamunsu East Field was successfully appraised in 2013, with development options being evaluated. The PSC for KBBC ends in 2037.

Block J 


Operator: Shell (29.05%)
Co-venturers: ConocoPhillips (29.05%), PETRONAS (16.8%), Murphy (6.4%), Pertamina (2.7%)
The Gumusut-1 well was drilled in 2003 and resulted in an oil discovery. The field was successfully appraised in 2004 and 2005. First production from an early production system began in 2012. Offshore installation of the permanent, semisubmersible floating production system (FPS) was completed in 2013, and first production through the FPS commenced in 2014. Offshore commissioning and production ramp up were completed during 2015.

The Gumusut Field was unitized with the Kakap Field in Block K in 2006. Unitization of the field with Brunei was first recorded in 2014. The company’s ownership in the Gumusut Field is currently at 29 percent following finalization of the Malaysia-Brunei unitization and a redetermination of the Block J and Block K Malaysia unit, both in 2017. Gumusut Phase 2 infill drilling and first oil are expected in 2019. The PSC for Block J ends in 2038.

*ConocoPhillips has 40% interest in Block J 1 84% – Malaysia interest only. Remaining 16% interest is held in Brunei.

Block G

The Malikai Platform began production in December 2016.

Operator: Shell (35.0%)
Co-venturers: ConocoPhillips (35.0%), PETRONAS (30.0%)
The Malikai-1 exploration well was drilled in Block G in 2004, resulting in an oil discovery. The Malikai discovery was appraised in 2005 and 2006. First production from the field was achieved in 2016 via the Malikai tension-leg platform. The field reached peak production in 2018. The KMU-1 exploration well was completed in early 2018 and started producing via the Malikai platform in mid-2018.

Siakap North-Petai (SNP)

Operator: Murphy (32.0%)
Co-venturers: PETRONAS (26.0%), ConocoPhillips (21.0%), Shell (21.0%)
The Petai-1 well was drilled in 2007, resulting in an oil discovery, with additional drilling completed in 2008. The Petai and Siakap North Field was unitized between Blocks G and K in 2011, with ConocoPhillips holding a 21 percent initial interest in the unit. First production from the SNP Field began in 2014. The PSC for Block G expires in 2033.

Block WL4-00

Operator: ConocoPhillips (50.0%)
Co-venturer: PETRONAS (50.0%)
In January 2017, ConocoPhillips was awarded operatorship of this 0.3-million-net-acre exploration block offshore Sarawak. The block includes the Salam-1 oil discovery. A 3-D seismic survey was completed in 2017. Two wells were drilled in 2018 and both discovered hydrocarbons. Further exploration drilling is expected in 2019.

Block SK313

Operator: ConocoPhillips (50.0%)
Co-venturer: PETRONAS (50.0%)
Block SK313 is a 0.7-million-net-acre exploration block offshore Sarawak. In 2017, ConocoPhillips acquired interest in and operatorship of the block, participated in the Sadok-1 exploration well and completed a 3-D seismic survey of the block.

Block SK304

Operator: ConocoPhillips (50.0%)
Co-venturers: Kufpec (35.0%), PETRONAS (15.0%)
In May 2018, ConocoPhillips acquired interest in and operatorship of Block SK304, a 1.0-million-net-acre exploration block offshore Sarawak. 3-D seismic was acquired in late 2018.